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Contacts: Anne ANTHORE, Frédéric PIERRE



Correlated quantum matter and unusual transport phenomena.

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Heat as an object of study and as an investigation tool.

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In the team Quantum Physics in Circuit (QPC), we explore the quantum phenomena in nano-scale electronic circuits, from correlated electronic matter to quantum transport and down to the most elementary level of the single conduction channel.

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May 2019:  Our paper demonstrating a 0.25 mm electron coherence length in a solid-state circuit is now published in Phys. Rev. X. (C2N news)

April 2019:  Hadrien Duprez obtained one of the two awards for best oral presentation at the C2N PhD days. Congratulations Hadrien for this pedagogical tour de force!

October 2018:  Great Prize Madame Victor Noury of the French Academy of Sciences awarded to Frédéric Pierre.

September 2018:  The new paper on the circuit quantum simulation of a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid appeared in Phys. Rev. X and was highlighted by a Viewpoint in Physics. (C2N news)

August 2018: Zubair's PhD, nominated as an outstanding thesis by Paris-Sud university, was published as a book by Springer.

June 2018: The Science 'Research Article' (long format) on quantum criticality and superballistic transport is now published in its final printed form (also available on arXiv) and has been selected for a CNRS news (French).

May 2018: The paper exploring quantum criticality and superballistic transport with a circuit was put forward in the selective First Release program of Science!

February 2018: The paper on the Coulomb blockade of heat is now published in Nature Physics, and put forward on the cover page.

December 2017: National C'NANO PhD prize attributed to Zubair. Congratulations!

April 2017: European prize Nicholas Kurti awarded to our former postdoc François Parmentier, notably for the noise and quantized heat transport experiments performed in the QPC team. Congratulations!